Wednesday, December 3, 2008

    Report: STL Truth Squad Bob McCulloch being pushed for US Attorney

    Remember this?

    This is what I guess you'd term one of the "Change" moments of the Obama campaign, inasmuch as most Missourians thought that using state power against citizens for political purposes was a thing of the past. 

    Well lo and behold, Change is making a comeback! Sen. McCaskill is reportedly wants to make him a federal prosecutor.
    Post-Dispatch gossip queen Deb Peterson has the scoop: U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill is said to be pushing St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch for the position of local U.S. Attorney, a presidential appointment.

    McCaskill, as Peterson points out, knows McCulloch from her days as the top prosecutor across the state in Jackson County. And, of course, she has the ear of president-elect Barack Obama after emerging as one of his top surrogates in the campaign.
    A single incident does not define a career, but this one was pretty bone-headed; with a final margin of only 3,903 votes separating Barack Obama from John McCain here in Missouri, the fallout from this absolutely radioactive report could be one of a few events that swayed the election here. It was the talk of the McCain office for several days and was the subject of countless phone calls I fielded from citizens and citizen-bloggers alike.

    But that a man who recently and publicly threatened the rights his citizens would be given the honor of protecting their rights in a federal capacity is an joke that deserves a response. Some places to start:
    • The Obama Transition Team (link)
    • Claire McCaskill (link)

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